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Aqua Tots- Ages 6 months to 36 months

The objectives of this parent child program include water safety, proper body positioning, and introduction to basic swimming skills. The instructor, in a fun atmosphere, advises the parent on how to acclimate their child to the water. A parent or guardian must be in the water with their child during class.

Intro to Skippers- Ages 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 years old

Transition class from Aqua Tots to Beginning Skippers. Parent is in the water with the child as needed. Class emphasis is on water orientation, adjusting to the swim lesson environment and basic swimming skills.

Beginner Skippers- Ages 3 to 5 years old

Entry level to the National YMCA of the USA's progressive swimming instruction program for preschool aged children between 3 and Kindergarten age. Introduction to front, back and side paddle.  Little or no swimming experience required.

Advanced Skippers- Ages 3 to 5 years old

 For the advanced preschool aged swimmer with the ability to put their face in the water and stroke on their front, side and back.

Polliwog- Beginner Swimming Instruction

 This program is designed for the beginner swimmer. Emphasis is placed on orientation to the water, breath control, and introduction to the front, back and sidestrokes.

Guppy- Advanced Beginner Swimming Instruction

 Emphasis is placed on strengthening the young swimmers endurance and further development of the front crawl stroke with rotary breathing. Backstroke, sidestroke, and lead up diving activities are also part of the class curriculum.

Minnow- Intermediate Swimming Instruction

 Class instruction emphasizes refinement of the front and back crawl and side strokes. Introduction of the breaststoke also occurs at this swimming level.

Fish- Advanced Intermediate Swimming Instruction

 Emphasis is placed on further refinement and endurance training for the front and back crawl. Breaststroke instruction, introduction to the butterfly stroke and the standing front dive are part of the class curriculum too.

Flying Fish and Shark- Advanced Swimming Instruction

Class instruction emphasizes refinement and endurance training for all four competitive swimming strokes, the associated swimming turns for each competitive stroke and the competitive swimming start. A front dive from the 1-meter diving board with the approach and hurdle is also part of the class curriculum.

Splash Time

A weekly scheduled recreational swim time for YMCA Family members and non YMCA members. Children must be 6 months or older and accompanied by their parent or guardian in the water.

Grade School Swim Instruction

Elementary grade school students are transported from their schools to the YMCA for swimming instruction in the National YMCA's Progressive Swim Lesson Program. Registration forms and additional class information is distributed through the schools.

Guard Start

This is an introduction to lifeguarding skills and includes class work as well as swimming, CPR Certification and volunteering in the YMCA's Aquatic Programs. Must be in grades 6th-9th and have swimming skills at the Fish level.

Private Swim Lessons

Contact Aquatics Director for more information.