Youth Sports Programs

Mini & Big Soccer

For youth ages 3 - 5 is a skills and drills based program with mandatory participation from a Big (Parent, Guardian, Sibling).

Youth Soccer

For youth ages 5 - 7 is a combination of skills and drills and game play within each Saturday session. Game schedule will be determined upon total number of youth participants.

Youth Basketball League

Basketball League for youth ages 5 - 8.

Biddy Basketball Clinic

Basketball clinic for youth ages 4 & 5

P.E. at the Y

Join in on this fun and active program for kids that focuses on strong bodies and minds. P.E. at The Y uses fitness-related games and activities to empower youth by building self-esteem and teaching them healthy lifestyle habits.

Kinder Gym

Kinder Gym is a program designed to help develop and enhance children’s social skills, brain activity and locomotor skills. Cross lateral brain activities are proven to help develop a healthy brain. There is also evidence that children that can execute locomotor skills such as skipping, hopping, and jogging have higher reading scores.


Teen Fitness

Adult fitness classes are available beginning at age 12 with a YMCA Membership.