Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is made up of dedicated community leaders who use their diverse talents to help define the Y’s long-range Strategic Plan.  Each board member actively serves on the committees that implement the plan throughout our programs. Our board firmly believes that the Y plays a vital role in shaping children, supporting families, and providing people of all ages and abilities in our community with programs that can help them realize their full potentials.

Current YMCA Board of Directors

Susy Sponseller - President

Eric Fleming - Vice President
Pat Bosma - 2nd Vice President
Eileen Hoffman-Meier - Secretary
Ed Buchanan - Treasurer
John Bayer
John Boozer
Mike Breslin
Missy Bumbaugh
 Eugene Covington
 Ginny Harriger
William Juergens
Lance Kegerreis
Chad Kireta
Pam Miller
Tanya Nitterhouse
 Robert Richards
 Chad Rydbom
Dianne Salter
Ben Sites
 Lucas Shelly
Brad Stiles
Jacqui Wolfe