2023 YMCA Dodgeball Tournament Wrap-Up

2023 YMCA Dodgeball Tournament Wrap-Up

The 2023 Annual Y Dodgeball Tournament occurred on Saturday, February 25th.  The tournament featured three divisions: Youth, Co-Ed and Men’s and had over 80 weekend warriors accepting the challenge to conquer the courts!

Thank you to all participants for making the tournament safe and successful!  A huge thank you to our volunteers – Wilson Men’s Soccer Team and YMCA Intern-Collette.  We greatly appreciate their dedication to the event.  Thank you to The Meadows of Chambersburg for the donation of awards.  A huge thank you to YMCA staff for their role in this tournament from prep to wrap-up, the work is greatly appreciated, and the tournament’s success is because of the Y’s team work!

Once final thank you to everyone who played a role in this year’s YMCA Dodgeball Tournament!

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Dodgeball '23

More pictures of our Dodgeball Tournament participants!

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dodgeball  dodgeball