Chambersburg Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate Celebrates 4 years!

Chambersburg Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate Celebrates 4 years!

Rock Steady Boxing, a non-profit organization founded in 2006, gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing-based fitness curriculum.Rock Steady Boxing

Our Chambersburg Rock Steady Affiliate Program opened its doors back in January 2019 with only 8 Boxers and 2 classes a week. Today, our program has grown to 24 Boxers and counting, and 7 classes a week. We offer three levels of classes to best meet the needs of each individual participant.  Boxers meet 2-3 times a week and engage in exercises, many adapted from boxing drills, that will improve their overall strength, agility, speed, accuracy, footwork, hand-eye coordination, and activities of daily living. Exercises vary in purpose and form but share one common trait:  they are intended to extend the perceived capabilities of the boxer.   

In addition to the physical benefits of the program, the program offers a place of friendship, support, and camaraderie. 


Here are a few kind words about the program from our current Rock Steady Boxers:

“Rock Steady Boxing has provided an Oasis in the lonely Fight against Parkinson’s disease.  I was diagnosed three years ago and thank goodness Rock Steady Boxing has been operating for four years.  It is truly a blessing.”   - Don, Rock Steady Boxer


“Rock Steady Boxing has been a God send for me.  In addition to an excellent physical experience, it offers an atmosphere of support and collegiality among the boxers and staff that is contagious.  We who are unfortunate recipients of PD are blessed to have the ability to “Fight Back”.  Thank you to the YMCA and all those who support Rock Steady Boxing”.  -Frank, Rock Steady Boxer


“After 9 months of Rock Steady Boxing, I feel strong, happy, and lucky to have joined the Y’s program.  Thank you, Chambersburg YMCA and Rock Steady Boxing,”. -Bonnie Jo, Rock Steady Boxer


“At Rock Steady Boxing, I walk in the door and feel like I’m with family.  After four years together, we ARE family!” - Kathy, Rock Steady Boxer


“It has helped me improve balance, stability, and stamina through exercise.  It has also helped me with the mental aspect of battling PD by listening and sharing challenges everyone else is experiencing. -Scott, Rock Steady Boxer


“My wife has benefited from the physical activity and training along with the social interaction with cohorts who are experiencing similar challenges.  Our Thanks to our coaches, volunteers, and fellow Boxers!” -Jack, Cornerman of Rock Steady Boxer


Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing

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If you would like to learn more about Rock Steady Boxing, or volunteer with this program, please contact Angie Hoffmann for details.  

Angie Hoffman