Holiday Crunch Challenge 2023



The Holiday Crunch Challenge begins Friday, November 24th: Ticket to a Healthier You! We challenge everyone to exercise 16 days over the next 4 weeks from November 24th - December 23rd. Each workout must be 30 minutes and members can participate by utilizing the fitness center, joining a group fitness class, swimming, using the gyms (basketball, pickleball, futsal, etc), or participating in online fitness classes with Y Wellness 24/7. 

How to Participate
Every member will be responsible or tracking their own workouts every day they visit the Y to participate in this challenge. Sign-in boards to track the member’s Holiday Crunch program can be found in the Y’s Family Program Center (outside the fitness studio), the Main Y in the Pool area (on the bulletin board in Walker Pool), and the fitness center (both inside and outside the fitness center).

How to WIN!
The first 150 members that complete their 16 days of workouts will receive a “Ticket to a Healthier You” t-shirt, sponsored by Trin Garcia Real Estate. 

Challenge Rules:

  • Members can only count one visit per day. 
  • Workouts will count as 30 minutes or more of activity. 
  • Member must have at least 16 workouts to win a t-shirt
  • Member is responsible for tracking their visits on the sign in board
  • Member will use ONLY ONE sign-in board to track their progress
  • 30 minutes or more at the Chambersburg YMCA location or Y Wellness 24/7

Challenge yourself this holiday season for a Ticket to a Healthier You!