May is Water Safety Month

Water Safety Tips

May is Water Safety Month, so we would like to share some safety information with you around this topic. Below is an infographic of different ways to keep your children safe around water:

water safety


Additionally, did you know the Chambersburg Y has a pool gong that will be activated by a staff member in the event of an emergency in our aquatic area? The gong, which can be heard by clicking here, is tested monthly. If the gong is triggered by a staff member without a testing announcement being made prior, our staff are trained to respond to the pool area and assist as needed. Once this emergency response is activated, staff will ask you to clear the pool area. Please be aware of this process so you know how to respond in the event of an emergency. Including our members in our safety processes in case of an emergency is important to us.  We greatly appreciate you being aware of how this process works.