April 11th is World Parkinson's Day

April 11th is World Parkinson's Day


On World Parkinson’s Day we want to help raise awareness of this disease and what people can do to help improve their symptoms. The day is celebrated on April 11th to honor Dr.  James Parkinson, born April 11, 1755, who wrote, “An Essy on the Shaking Palsy,” in 1817 which first recognized Parkinson’s as a medical condition.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

This disease occurs in the central nervous system, negatively affecting an individual’s movement. Symptoms can include tremors, trouble walking, freezing up, worsening handwriting, trouble speaking among other similar indicators. While Parkinson’s Disease does not have a cure there are exercises and programs available to help manage these symptoms.

One program the Chambersburg YMCA offers is Rock Steady Boxing. This affiliate program is part of a non-profit organization that works with individuals to lessen their symptoms caused by Parkinson’s Disease. Rock Steady Boxing is designed to improve the individual’s strength, motor skills, balance, speech, and sensory function, which can all deteriorate from this disease. The Chambersburg Memorial YMCA has recently celebrated 4 years of their Rock Steady Boxing affiliate program, with over 25 boxers with 7 classes a week.

Interested in learning about this program?

Rock Steady Boxing has helped individuals in our community fight back against Parkinson’s Disease and build strong relationships with others dealing with this hardship. If you would like to know more about Rock Steady Boxing, please contact Angie Hofmann at ahoffmann@chbgy.org for details and learn how you can observe an actual class.

Want to help?

We are looking for volunteers to help our Rock Steady Boxers. We need ‘corner-men’ that will help support coaches by assisting in set up and tear down of class, ensuring safety of all boxers during class, and being a great support system to make classes fun and meaningful to all. For more information contact Angie Hoffmann at ahoffmann@chbgy.org


Our Rock Steady Boxers!  Our Rock Steady Boxers!

"Rock Steady Boxing not only strengthens our mind and bodies, but it strengthens our soul."

– Don, Rock Steady Boxer


Source: www.parkinsonseurope.org